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Disposable nappies are an identified problem waste for our communities and governments. Shifting to a circular economy solution for nappies solves this problem and helps the move towards a waste-free economy.

In a bid to reduce our carbon footprint and make sustainable choices for the future, we embarked on a unique journey - the Compostable Nappy Trial at OAC Glebe.

Find out more about our NOGO Bin Collection Trial in the City of Sydney.


How the NOGO bin system works:

1. Learn

Childcare staff learn about the NOGO bin circular nappy system and trained on products.

3. Collect

The NOGO bin is collected and transported to a compost facility for processing.

2. Switch

Childcare centre makes the switch to NOGO approved compostable nappy and wipe products.

4. Compost

The nappies are composted and the compost is tested to make sure it is high quality compost.

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